Value from waste

Value-driven impact

Elmery provides a patented unique metal recovery technology for refineries to better circulate the metals, increasing cost efficiency and sustainability. 

The world is facing a shared challenge. The capacity and circulation of resources are critical factors to protect the welfare of our planet and sustain our modern way of life.

Elmery provides the industry with the possibility for a more sustainable and profitable business through innovative electrochemical solutions.

Our solutions

Our potential

Selective precious metal extraction

Based on years of experience and specific lab tests of the solution, it is possible to choose a metal to be extracted, for example platinum or palladium.

Collective PGM extraction and monetization

Based on the needs and existing processes, it can be analyzed which group of extracted metals provide the best value.

Impurity removal

Removing impurities such as tellurium or selenium decreases the overall waste amount and increase the efficiency of the main process.

Our technology

Our impact

By improving the metal recovery and circulation in the refining process, we bring added value to our customers economically and sustainably.


We are happy to discuss how Elmery could help with your processes